Yvette Gonzalez


“For over two decades, I have witnessed both the power and challenges technology offers value chains across varying markets and countries. A common denominator in scaling up solutions has been youth. Evolving approaches, providing access to information, and including new voices at the table can make a positive and lasting economic impact on value chain success.”


Yvette Gonzalez is an International Development expert and Bioastronautics Researcher. With over 22 years of Humanitarian & Disaster Response experience rebuilding communities in active war, conflict, natural disasters, and epidemiological outbreaks, she now focuses on space technologies that are solving some of Earth’s challenges. She is the Chief Operating Officer at the International Institute for Aeronautical Science (IIAS), the world’s first research institute to have an industry-sponsored researcher contracted to fly on a commercial spacecraft. Of Native American and Mexican heritage, Yvette is a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) as well as a member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), Lunar Exploratory Analysis Group (LEAG), and Women in International Security (WIIS). She leads an IIAS international initiative entitled Space For All Nations actively working to provide access to space science & STEM for emerging space nations, underrepresented groups, and marginalized communities. This includes Indigenous, American Indian, and First Nations communities. The partnerships and work engage individuals contributing to humanity who want to collaborate with space science experts, analogues, and research.

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