SensX - Fellowship

SensXfellowship comprises of 450 plus registered startups across Africa, 85% have MVP’s.

Over the last years we have built up a network of high potential startups through the Xfellowship, which is a:

  • Unique network of international investors and entrepreneurs across Africa.
  • Platform to make connections and exchange knowledge/experiences.
  • Source of motivation to further develop Africa’s innovative potential.
  • Channel to create investment opportunities and job creation.

An entrepreneur alone is vulnerable and has to fight against limited knowledge and lack of market intelligence. The X – Fellowship platform gives you access to a network of selected entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge, human resources and experiences to help them scale-up.

The cole value of the XFellowship aims to promote women as leaders. A significant part of our team and Executive Advisory Board are women; our signature panel during the conferences are the “women-only” panel discussions. Further, we will optimize the SensXFellowship network to help open up higher professional positions and entrepreneurial initiatives to women.

Africa is the continent with the youngest global population below the age of 25, we harness this by facilitating an ecosystem that enables young men and women to develop new skills through youth empowerment initiatives.

The Code of Conduct

To Join our SensXFellowship requires complying and committing to our SensX code of conduct based on two main pillars. The first pillar is the Empowerment of Women; Implementing programs to promote more women into leadership positions. The second pillar is Youth Empowerment; Implement internship programs for students to bring them in touch with the market reality. Both pillars will not only have a positive effect on your own cooperate culture but will ensure your long-term success on the market by diversifying decision-making environments and by creating the next professional generation today.


As an XFollower, we will provide you on different occasions with media attention. For example, all SensXFollower and their businesses will be displayed on our website and featured in an exclusive blog article. Further, SensXFellower gets the opportunity to take part in an extended promotion such as taking part in all our social media campaigns.

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