Malobi Ogbechie


“Boosting intra-African trade and promoting African suppliers on the international market through an Afrocentric online marketplace and logistics technologies.”


Malobi started his career in London as a business developer for some of the world’s largest market research firms. Before leaving his full time career, he started his first business, Malobi’s Ltd, a food processing business that specialises in the export of an ancient grain from West Africa called fonio. Malobi’s Ltd has grown to become the largest exporter of the grain in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa. After overcoming many obstacles on his journey as an agribusiness entrepreneur and exporter, he decided to launch his most recent project, Panafrican Traders, to help other entrepreneurs like himself. Panafrican Traders is a B2B marketplace that offers tailored support and logistics services to African exporters in order to help them compete on the global market.

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