“The role of Technology in a modern society cannot be over emphasis , Globalization , Fine tech and Agro tech holds the future. Africa is in need of this solution and there is a lot of opportunity that is open for an African young continent. with the increases in Pan africa population AgroTech hold the key to satisfy this growing demand for food and this will open massive Job opportunity for the continent.”


Amb Dr GILEAD OKOLONKWO (FIMC, CMC) Dr Gilead Onyedika Okolonkwo is one of the leading blockchain experts in Africa who believes that the solution to economic crisis and unemployment in Africa can be curbed through advance knowledge and financial intelligence in the e-Commerce space. This fact became his drive to develop an ecosystem that can help the Government, private sector, students, civil servants, para-military and farmers live above the minimum wage stipulated by the Government. Gilead sits as the CEO and Chairman of Africa’s foremost and one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce giant, BeepMAGNET International Group which is a conglomerate of different business entities, all focused on eCommerce and Blockchain Technology; BeepPay System and Technologies Limited, BeepEstates Limited, BeepMarket, Beep- Travel and Tours Ltd, BeepHealthCare Limited, BeepXchange Limited, Beep eLearning Academy, MobGames, Sisibox, FastCredit Africa and Simple Merchant. Dr Gilead also led the Team that developed one of the first Blockchain Merchant & Consumer Token (BMCT), which is a Utility crypto token to Drive BLOCKCHAIN CONSUMER REWARD Loyalty in Africa. He is currently working on a vision that enables 20 million Africans by the year 2022 to profit at least $10 daily from leveraging on e-space. Dr. GILEAD is a proud member of Africa’s Under 40 CEOs; a recipient of the Order of the Noble Hand of Honor, Member of the World Advisors Council, a fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, a fellow of the Nigeria Business Academy , a fellow of the Business process Management Institute and in 2018 he was named as one of the 100 Most Influential Young People in West Africa.

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