Ahmard Vital


“Job creation is the foundation for the economic future for the community, country and global society at large. With the focus on building this reality within the minds of the youth, it is the start that will empower and generate resources for families, impacting the lives for many.”


Motivational consultant, international speaker and author Ahmard Vital has empowered people globally with his inspirational guidance and tips for self-development. Ahmard provides his audiences with the tools needed to achieve personal success, utilize willpower and determination, and develop strategies that will allow people of all ages to achieve personal and professional excellence. After nearly a decade of studying the performance habits of high achieving athletes, Ahmard has developed programs of inspiration and motivation that are beneficial to individuals, professionals, companies and organizations worldwide. In 2011, Ahmard published Awaken the Baller Within, which was quickly labeled as the “athlete’s life manual” by some pundits in sports media. This book was taught in more than a dozen colleges and close to 50 athletic departments and sports camps. As a mental performance coach, Ahmard helped secure more than $6 million dollars in scholarship monies and worked with athletes at the Division I level and the National Football League. Not long after a successful career as a college football recruiting analyst with, a Fox Sports affiliate, Ahmard founded That Guy Media Group and expanded his platform to small business and nonprofit organizations where he focused on dream building, goal-setting, and a relentless pursuit of the aforementioned. By teaching his audiences to recognize their strengths, and capitalize on the power that everyone harnesses within, individuals can realize previously unimagined levels of personal happiness and success. Ahmard is becoming one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world, working in countries like Zambia and Abu Dhabi (UAE). In the United States, he’s inspired professionals at companies like the Boys and Girls Club, MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Salvation Army. His college clients include Prairie View A&M, Houston Community College and West Texas A&M. He published his second book, I Am More Than Enough, in April 2019 to address many of his clients’ confidence challenges in their personal and professional lives. When Ahmard is not traveling, speaking or writing, he works as a humanitarian and teen ministry leader, volunteering his time to inspire youth to envision their futures beyond their challenges and circumstances. He is also an avid reader and fitness coach, teaching cycling classes in North Houston.

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