“The key to a sustained agriculture value chain is through applied integrated technology at all sectors of the value chain, such as Agro finance, Agro insurance ,technical support and market linkage”


Zindaba Hanzala ,a former beauty queen (Miss Zambia 2010),a farmer, and award winning Agri entrepreneur. Is the founder of a social enterprise called Mulimi which provides financing, insurance, technical support and market linkage to small scale farmers/emergent farmers across the Zambian agriculture value chain. Having been raised by a small scale farmer, who she saw have her fair share of challenges in accessing formal finance and Formal markets has been her driving force for the continued innovation at Mulimi, whose primary goal is to promote sustainability in the Zambian agriculture sector that ensures that all farmers have ready access to Finance, insurance, reel time technical support and formal markets for their products. She is a firm believer in sustainable partnerships, and these partnerships have paved way for the small scale farmers under Mulimi to scale.

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